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  • 2016: Eumedica’s 30 year anniversary
  • 2015: Launch of Negaban® in France
  • 2014: Increase in our storage capacities (up to 10,000 m²)
  • 2014: Acquisition of Farmastur (Eumedica Pharmaceuticals Industries), a chemical and pharmaceutical production unit located in Llanara, Spain, a manufacturer of injectable penicillin for the global market
  • 2013: Distribution of our antipsychotics product range (Dipiperon®, Orap®, Imap®, Impromen Decanoas® and Impromen®)
  • 2012: Extension of our logistics centre
  • 2009: Distribution of Somatostatine® worldwide
  • 2007: Another of the top ten pharmaceutical multinationals trusts Eumedica for the distribution of their clinical trial products
  • 2006: Launch of Negaban® in the United Kingdom
  • 2006: Launch of Somatostatine-Eumedica® in Belgium
  • 2004: Launch of Actosolv® in France
  • 2003: Eumedica moves to its new distribution centre in Manage
  • 2002: Expansion of Eumedica’s product portfolio with the acquisition of: Dopram®, Robinul®, and Robinul Neostigmine®, Actosolv®, Pre-Par®
  • 2002: One of the largest pharmaceutical multinationals chooses Eumedica to distribute their clinical trial products throughout Europe
  • 1998: Distribution of the Negaban® (Temocillin)
  • 1986: Creation of Belpharma specialised in Regulatory Affairs and monitoring of clinical trials