Visit of Mr. Thomas Dermine

Dermine 2Eumedica recently had the honor of welcoming Mr. Thomas Dermine, Secretary of State for Economic Recovery and Strategic Investments, in charge of Science Policy, assistant to the Minister for the Economy and Labor, as well as Mrs. Sophie Pécriaux and Mr. Laurent Devin (Members of Parliament for the Walloon Region and the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation), accompanied by the municipal authorities of Manage and in particular its Mayor Mr. Pozzoni.



Dermine 1These visits provided an opportunity to present the scope of Eumedica’s activities and the various development projects underway. They were all very appreciative of our mission, to ensure that essential pharmaceutical products remain available to healthcare professionals and their patients.

The guests were also able to discover Eumedica’s infrastructures and the wide range of services it offers to major pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The rich exchanges held with the teams illustrated the expertise developed by the company over more than 37 years.